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How has COVID affected women in tax?

Posted by Stephanie-Gilmartin 3 Months Ago | 0

This article by Forbes discusses the devastating loss of women in the workforce due to Covid19 last year, and I’ve been wondering how tax departments across the country are holding up in this regard.  

In my conversations with top tax leaders, I have not found this to be such an issue so far when it comes to high-level tax roles. Here are a few reasons I’ve heard why higher-level tax roles are not yet being impacted:

  1. High-level female tax executives have the means to get outside assistance to help with their children if they need it. Or in many cases, their spouses have the secondary career, and they were able to take time off.
  2. Many spouses have been working from home together, so the responsibility to take care of the kids and help with e-learning is shared.
  3. As a whole, the tax market adjusted to remote working very quickly, and in many cases, the departments functioned at a higher level than when they were all working in the office.  

All of that said, I am curious to know what others are seeing. Are the lower-level tax positions held by women being impacted? What are the long-term effects of this? How has Covid19 affected the positions held by females in your tax department? Is this even an issue, or have they been able to juggle working from home while taking care of their children and school needs?  

I think it’s valuable to find out how much this issue is impacting the tax community. It will be interesting to see if we will see a change in the gender landscape of tax over time due to more of the lighter level females leaving to stay home and having their husbands take the lead. It is too early to know how this will shake out, but it will be a hard pill to swallow if it impacts the gender gap years from now.

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