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I will keep TaxTalent.com in mind for future searches

   Timothy McDonald
   Vice President - Finance
   The Procter & Gamble Company

We are VERY satisfied with the ease of the site

   Harry L. McKinstry
   Vice President Finance
   American Railcar Leasing

We found exactly what we wanted through TaxTalent.

   Larson Rider
   Staffing Manager
   Echelon Co.

We would definitely consider using Taxtalent again in the future!

   Deirdre Lloyd
   Staffing Consultant
   Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.

Tax Talent is the subject matter expert in the tax marketplace!

   Peg Patton
   Corporate Recruiting Manager
   Pilgrim's Pride Corporation

Of all the resources I consulted, Tax Talent.com provided me the position I was looking for.

   Dennis Freeman
   VP of Tax
   Jefferson Wells

The response has been much better than I’ve seen on Monster, Career Builder, or Hotjobs.

   Jim Bartolomea
   Staffing Specialist

We received more interest in the positions through TaxTalent than through any other source.

   Keith Walker
   Manager, Workforce Structuring
   Internal Revenue Service - LMSB

Compared to the competitor, TaxTalent allowed me to find more qualified candidates with less effort.

   John Haertel
   Director, International Tax
   JohnsonDiversey, Inc.

Through your website I was able to began my communications with my new employer!

   G. R.
   TaxTalent.com Member

... pushed our traffic up by 500%

   Lisa Nevitt
   Director and US Representative
   European-American Tax Institute

We were satisfied with the quality of candidates that this website brought to us.

   Joanne Leskowicz
   Sr. Director Tax Planning
   CNH Global

The TaxTalent Job Board allows us to target candidates without wasting time or money using the "normal" avenues. We are very satisfied with using the TaxTalent site and its extensive services.

   Harry McKinstry
   VP Finance and Controller
   American Railcar Leasing

A very good source for finding qualified tax professionals!

   Jason Kreuser
   Time Warner Cable

The coverage is superior

   Mark Mormando
   US Head of Tax
   Lenovo (United States) Inc.

TaxTalent.com has been a very beneficial source for locating "A" candidates

   Dennis Phillips
   Human Resources
   ProQuest Company

Assistance that no other Job Board provides!

   G. R.
   TaxTalent.com Member

It appears our last stop should have been our first stop!

   Dennis Overfield
   Corporate HR Specialist
   AVX Corporation

A much more efficient search engine for tax professionals than the general sites.

   T. M.
   TaxTalent.com Member

TaxTalent.com has by far produced the greatest results for our specific needs!

   David Beckler
   Vice President of Marketing
   EPS Tax International

Filled our International Tax Manager position with a candidate from TaxTalent.com

   Kristina Haines
   Senior Recruiter
   QVC, Inc.

Highly cost effective and efficient!

   Sam Bynum
   TaxSearch, Incorporated

Efficient source to attract qualified tax professionals to your tax position.

   Pamela Hall
   Human Resources
   Travelers Insurance

I have found TaxTalent.com to be a valuable recruiting tool.

   Michele Miller
   Director Human Resources
   IMC Global

We not only had good response, but hired our new employee through this site.

   Diana Edgmon
   Executive Recruitment Manager

Quality candidates at minimal recruiting expense. You have my endorsement.

   Bob Booth
   Director, Employment
   Apria Healthcare


“I first met Tony over 25 years ago while in the course of recruiting for a number of tax jobs at Case Corporation. I was using a number of different tax recruiting firms at the time. Tony and his team did such an outstanding job that I chose to use Tony and TaxSearch exclusively for the next 20 years (until I retired). Tony and his team took the time to really understand my company and its tax needs and I was never disappointed in the quality of candidates that they surfaced. They are clearly the best in the tax recruiting field.”

   John Evard
   Former Senior Vice President, Tax
   Tyco International

I have worked with TaxSearch® and TaxTalent® for over 10 years, first as a candidate for a position, then as a hiring manager, and later as Head of Tax. Tony and his team have integrity and deliver results. They are well-coordinated and have a proven approach to help clients build first-class teams and present a very high percentage of strong viable candidates to hiring managers.

They have a valuable insight into developing trends in the marketplace and play an important role in raising the bar within the tax profession by educating potential employees, tax leaders, and their respective finance and HR organizations around what it takes to develop a world-class tax function.

John is the former Chief Tax Officer of Delphi Automotive PLC & VP Tax of Avery Dennison Corporation.

   John Stowell
   Sr. Vice President Tax
   The Walt Disney Company

TEI was very impressed with the thoroughness of the process used by TaxSearch®, not only in refining our needs but in vetting potential clients. Should the need arise, we would talk to TaxSearch® again.

   Tim Mc Cormally
   Past Executive Director
   Tax Executives Institute, Inc.

TaxSearch® is uniquely qualified to provide high caliber A-type players for an enhanced high performance tax function. We have utilized the firm in searches as V.P. of Tax at my prior company for three Director positions, two Tax Counsel positions and two Manager positions. All of the candidates have exceeded our expectations.

The services that TaxSearch® can provide go beyond typical recruiting function and also include consultative support in HR policy and in bench strengthening. In my new role as Vice President of Tax at Procter and Gamble I plan to continue to use their services. I would highly recommend Tony and the team to any of my colleagues.

   Timothy McDonald
   VP Global Taxes
   Procter & Gamble Company

My experience with TaxSearch® was very productive. I've worked with a number of search firms in my career and I can honestly say that Tax Search is the cream of the crop. Tony and his team invested the time at the beginning of the search to learn our organization, our culture and the attributes of an ideal candidate. Within a few weeks, Tony and Stephanie presented a slate of five highly qualified candidates.

After we interviewed all of the candidates, we were faced with the best problem you can have in recruiting: the two top candidates were so good, we were having a hard time deciding which one to hire. So we hired them both! Thanks to Tony and his team, we have upgraded our tax function by adding two world class talents to the team.

   Jim Dixon
   Human Resources Manager
   Altria Group, Inc.

The professional value TaxSearch® delivers is best in class. The caliber of candidates is outstanding with dynamics that fit the corporate culture and contribute to the success of the tax function. Their process is diligent, expeditious and professional.

Ahmed is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ariba, Inc.

   Ahmed Rubaie
   Chief Financial Officer

Tony and his team have filled several high-level positions for Brown-Forman in recent years. The candidates that were selected with Tony’s help have become very successful within a short time period. One reason for that success is the time Tony spends developing an understanding of the Company’s culture and working environment – he helps the Company articulate the qualities that are necessary for success.

Tony can inform senior management about the marketplace for tax talent, and discuss with candor the reasonableness of salary expectations. His knowledge of tax departments and the challenges they face is invaluable.

   Jane Adam
   Sr. Vice President Tax
   Brown-Forman Corporation

I can proudly endorse TaxSearch® as the best source for recruiting entry to execute-level tax talent. As the new CFO of a multinational company, I needed to rebuild the tax department while leveraging existing talent that were on board. Tony and his team listened to my vision and provided great advice on strategy and execution of our recruiting plan to make the effort a complete success.

TaxSearch® understood the issues the candidate would face on the job and their breadth of contacts in the tax field was incredible. They leveraged both of these data points to effectively screen candidates that would not be a good fit for our organization or the role we needed to fill. They ultimately made a great match for our position at hand in less time and at a lower cost than expected.

I highly recommend that you utilize TaxSearch's® services if you want the best result in recruiting top tax talent. Ask around...I did and the recommendations were unequivocal.

   John Briscoe
   Former Chief Financial Officer at Weatherford International Ltd.
   Weatherford International, Inc.

TaxSearch® makes the effort to thoroughly understand our business environment and talent requirements. As a result, every candidate they have presented has been competitive and every candidate we've hired has made a strong and effective contribution to the success of Lilly and its global tax organization!

   David Lewis
   Executive Director, Global Taxes
   Eli Lilly and Company

I had the experience of both being a candidate, recruited by TaxSearch earlier in my career, and then utilizing them to assist in a tax department rebuilding effort. I found that in both situations they were consistent in that the focus was always on ensuring that the match was appropriate from both parties' perspective. Realizing that as a tax leader I would only be as good as the quality of people I hired for my team, it was imperative to align with a staffing firm that could access the top tier tax talent we needed. I recognized that Tony Santiago and TaxSearch’s reputation in the tax field opened doors up to these high quality candidates we would not have had access to. My situation required 24/7 availability from Tony and his team, and that was never a problem. His willingness to respond quickly and attentively to calls or emails is indicative of the client focused approach he and TaxSearch provide. In my opinion, Tony and TaxSearch are head and shoulders above any other search firm supporting the tax profession.

   Jim Parent
   Vice President Tax
   Weatherford International, Inc.


"When certain tax planning opportunities arise, our first inclination is to turn to one of the Big4 for assistance. Obviously, this type of assistance usually comes with a very sizable price tag and varying levels of quality. Recently, however, we decided to reach out to TaxForce. They listened intently to our situation, took the time to understand exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and then did a great job of screening candidates before finally introducing us to the ones they felt were most qualified for our very specialized tax project. Sometime after he completed our project, the R&D regulations changed and he brought this change to our attention and that change ultimately helped to almost double my credit. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail we received from TaxForce.”

   Wabco Holdings Inc.

"The consultants at TaxForce did a great job communicating the entire staffing process clearly and effectively. We were looking for a person who not only had relevant experience, but who could come in and hit the ground running. Overall, I was really quite impressed with what they were able to accomplish compared to other firms we have used in the past."

   Lorinne Wolenski
   Sr. Tax Counsel

Tasked with building a team to in-source the US tax compliance function, one of our major challenges was identifying the proper staffing to build and execute a process to handle fixed asset accounting and calculations for US tax purposes. TaxForce was recommended to me as a way to both deliver the required tax depreciation calculations, while concurrently establishing a process to be executed by the new in-house tax compliance team. After initial discussions regarding our specific requirements, the TaxForce team promptly provided us with resumes for several highly-qualified individuals with the proper experience levels and skillsets. They had very good knowledge of each individual’s capabilities, and with their assistance we narrowed the list of candidates and interviewed several to find the best fit. The consultants at TaxForce presented to us a way to address our immediate tax compliance needs while evaluating the ideal processes and a proper mix of in-house resources for the future. The approach has proven to be very successful as well as cost-effective. I highly recommend TaxForce to address short-term or long-term tax department requirements.

   John Saylor
   Senior Director
   Weatherford International

We were extremely impressed with TaxTalent’s ability to find candidates for our unique position in the Tax Operations group. The candidate was required to help the existing operations team marry up tax requirements with business realities and put in place a process that enabled us to meet our federal tax reporting obligations. They ultimately presented us with a technically strong candidate who we eagerly selected for the project. By utilizing TaxTalent’s services, we were able to hire a temporary staff professional who stepped right in with a minimal amount of “ramp-up” time, which was a pleasant surprise compared to a typical “loaner staff” scenario.

   Phil O'Reilly
   SVP Taxes
   MF Global Holdings, Inc

The team at TaxTalent is knowledgeable in the tax arena. This enables them to make better matches of talent to available engagements. They deal with tax people generally, not HR types, so this enables them to better identify needs of the client, and match them to the skill set of a particular candidate.

   Vincent Long
   Senior Tax Accountant

TaxTalent was very professional, direct and dedicated to the client throughout the entire process. Because their services are so excellent and unique, I'm unable to compare them to other companies within the same industry!

   Michael Procaccini

When certain tax planning opportunities arise, our first inclination is to turn to one of the Big4 for assistance. Obviously, this type of assistance usually comes with a very sizable price tag and varying levels of quality. Recently, however, we decided to reach out to TaxForce. They listened intently to our situation, took the time to understand exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and then did a great job of screening candidates before finally introducing us to the ones they felt were most qualified for our very specialized tax project. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail we received from the consultants at TaxForce.

   Director, US Tax Compliance

TaxTalent’s philosophy and business concept worked great for me. Throughout the entire process, their team was focused on making a good match for me and the company. I look forward to working with them going forward to identify projects that are a fit for my skillset.

   Dave Nobiletti

Although the position of International Tax Accountant wasn't a perfect fit, it was a great learning experience. TaxTalent understood my needs and were able to find a good match where my skills could be utilized. I was ultimately able to prove myself in the position and moved into a permanent role at the company which better fit my experience and skill set.

   Janice Patterson
   Senior Tax Manager

“Kevin came in willing to help me and my team with whatever we needed. He was able to deliver on his targets, such as giving me various recommendations on how to reorganize the team and reinforce the tax department. I’m grateful to him for his friendly attitude and his desire to get the job done well. While he was managing the team, I was able to carry on with the IRS audit and other projects, which required a lot of travel, and I was confident that Kevin would be there to mentor and support my team in Newton. Overall, I’m very pleased with his performance and will keep him in mind for future projects that are more in line with his technical capabilities. Kevin has been quite an asset, and I’m delighted that he was able to be with us for over 4 months.”

   Rubi Iniguez
   Vice President/Head of U.S. Tax
   Reed Elsevier Inc.

All the clients made me feel welcome and appreciated. The folks that used the services really needed some relief from limited resource situations. The experience was rewarding because I was able to provide some immediate assistance by taking a portion of the work load and contribute ideas for longer term solutions.

   Beth Ann Luther

We have been very impressed with the independent tax professional we received from TaxTalent - from his technical knowledge and experience to the level of commitment he brings to the project and our company. On top of that, he has identified multiple opportunities for the tax department to generate savings for the company. We were so impressed that we extended our engagement.

   Tax Director - Compliance, Tax Accounting and Systems
   $63 Billion foreign owned manufacturing company

TaxTalent did an excellent job of matching the consultant to our needs here at Frontier Drilling. Our association over the years has been pleasant and fulfilling. We look forward to continuing our utilization of your personnel.

   Blair Heines
   VP Corp. Development and Treasury
   Frontier Drilling

TaxTalent did an excellent job in matching me with a position that matched my skills and appetite for important work. I have been pleased with my relationship with them and the relationship with my employer. TaxTalent is the firm to go with if you're looking for a solid match with a good company.

   Ken Krasny

TaxTalent gave me the best opportunity to work again after being outsourced by my employer in 2007. My contract was supposed to end after that tax season but the company manager let me stay until they moved to a new state this year. My recruiter at TaxTalent was very accommodating, professional and made sure I was happy. I appreciate everything that TaxTalent has provided me.

   Zoilita Andaya

Benchmark Salary Comparatives:

Able to turn around our request with an accurate and detailed response.

   Michael Gaffney
   Deputy Director - Global Tax
   Merrill Lynch

Invaluable information source for providing timely and comprehensive salary benchmarking results.

   Jamey Shachoy
   Managing Partner, Tax

Timely response, complete market-specific data and compelling results!

   Ed Tarle
   Vice President, Tax
   Edwards Lifesciences, LLC

Our large global foreign owned multinational manufacturer with substantial North American presence asked TaxTalent to provide some customized salary benchmarking. TaxTalent not only understood the jobs but by providing speed in that area, had time to adjust the survey for special issues like foreign ownership, private company, etc. The result was an unquestionably valid benchmark that our HR Department accepted without a fuss. TaxTalent is a trusted, reliable and cost-effective partner in managing and recruiting our talent.

   Sr. Vice President - Tax and Customs

TaxTalent's benchmarking services are excellent. They draw on an extensive base of contacts for comparisons and, critically, they take the time to truly understand the details of the tax positions. This combination leads to comparables that are accurate and reliable. It also enables TaxTalent to find comparables for unusual positions and/or structures. They are very responsive and timely.

   Sarah Mc Gill
   Chief Tax Officer
   PepsiCo Incorporated

Excellent understanding of the tax marketplace

   Michele Kuhrt
   Director of Tax
   Lincoln Electric