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The Story Behind the Affordable Alternative to Loaner Staffing

TaxTalent Bridge StaffingTaxForce was formed to counter the high cost and inconsistent quality of interim and loaner staffing supplied by the majority of tax consulting organizations. To test an effective alternative solution to the status quo, TaxTalent introduced a proven contractor-based staffing model (used in many other industries) to the tax profession.

TaxForce is able to match highly vetted and well-seasoned tax professionals with specific tax projects that meet their qualifications. This service provides better, more consistently qualified project-based talent at a fraction of the cost of the employer/employee consulting model.

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The Tax Community that Puts You in Control of Your Career

TaxTalent is the online career and leadership development portal for tax professionals. Membership includes free access to expert coaches, mentors, resources, content and valuable tools for both career and leadership growth. TaxTalent segments members into five career phases based on the number of years in the tax profession. This ensures the delivery of accurate, relevant and timely career development and department optimization support from student education to retirement succession.