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Privacy Policy

Updated Effective Date: This Privacy Policy, as updated, is effective as of 9/1/14 2014.


Your privacy is extremely important to us. We have endeavored to provide a secure user experience. This Privacy Policy outlines the online data collection and the use of information collected. Our site contains links to other websites over which we have no control. TaxTalent is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of other Web sites to which you choose to link from the TaxTalent site.

Non-Disclosure of Individual Visits
TaxTalent does not disclose information about your individual visits to the website, or any personal information that you provide (such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number) to any outside parties, except when the law requires it – or as otherwise expressly noted in this Privacy Policy.

Members and Other Users of the Website
If you are a tax professional, TaxTalent allows you to register for an online account and become a “Member”. TaxTalent may, in its sole discretion, make certain additional site pages and resources, as well as other career management assistance, available to its Members – though we may modify or eliminate such pages, resources or management assistance as we determine from time to time. If you do not register for a Membership account, you may still be given the option of providing us certain information (described further below).  This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use information provided to us by both Members and general site users.

Member and User Personal Information for Creation of Resume Profile
Both Members and other persons who use the website have the option of inputting resume profile information in the Resume Database.  This includes, but is not limited to, personal information (such as your name and contact information), preferences, locations, skills, experiences, salary information and education.

For Members, your information will be stored on a personal web page. Potential employers or anyone outside TaxTalent.com cannot access the page. Members have the choice of building a “Confidential” or “Non Confidential” resume, as well and choosing to activate or deactivate their resumes at any time. TaxTalent's system will query the information on a Member's personal web page for a match with job opportunities that are most appropriate for the Member.  TaxTalent will notify Members of those job opportunities that match their pre-selected criteria (preferences, skills and experiences).  As a Member you have the option to elect whether or not to communicate and interact with the potential employer. 

If you are not a Member, but you elect to provide us the resume profile information described above as part of your access and use of the Website, we may retain and store that information (and any other information you choose to provide us). However, as a non-Member, that information will not be accessible to you on a TaxTalent personal web page. While the information that you provide to us will not searchable by any potential employers or anyone outside of TaxTalent, we may (in our sole discretion) search your information from time to time and notify you if we think there are jobs that may fit your skills, experiences and stated preferences.

All information entered into the Salary Comparison system is stored under the same secure environment.  The system is designed to reasonably prevent the release of this information outside TaxTalent.

Types of Information Collected
If you register as a Member, we will require you to provide us with your first and last name, email address, tax specialty, current title and residence area code and zip code. You will also be required to establish a password for your Membership account.  A Member may also provide us, at the Member’s option, with additional information (including, but not limited to, phone numbers). 

If you use our website, but you choose not to register as a Member, you may be given the option to provide us with the same types of personal information that we collect from Members (though you will not be required to establish an account password). 

Area code and zip code information is only collected for demographic purposes.

If we are given permission, we may email Members (and other site users who have provided us with their email addresses) when there are site updates and new services.

Since TaxTalent is a career site we give Members (but not other site users) the option to input their resumes in our database. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Members can store their resume profile (and up to 3 resumes) in our database, but not allow it to be searchable by potential employers by deactivating it. Not allowing your resume to be searchable means that you can use it to apply for a job online, but employers and recruiters will not have access to search it through our Resume Database product.

  2. If a Member activates their resume profile to be searchable, then all parties with access to our searchable Resume Database will have access to the Member's resume profile. Members have the option of building either a "Confidential" or "Non-Confidential" resume profile.

With the Confidential resume profile, only the city and state that you select within the Contact Information profile is displayed. Prospective employers can view all information (city, state, education, years of experience, tax specialty, skills) shown on the Mini Profile before selecting a resume.  Contact information can only be released and/or submitted by the candidate to the employer (via email, fax, direct mail or verbal submission or communication). TaxTalent will attempt to limit access to the searchable Resume Database only to paying employers, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters and human resource professionals but cannot guarantee that other parties will not gain access to the database. TaxTalent is not responsible for the use made of resumes by third parties who access such resumes while they are in the searchable database. Members may remove their resume from the database at any time. However, employers, recruiters and others who have paid for access to that database or to obtain a copy of that database, as well as parties who have otherwise gained access to the database, may have retained a copy of a Member's resume in their own files or database. TaxTalent is not responsible for the retention, use or privacy of resumes in those instances.

Forms and Other Public Interaction
This Website has public interactive features, such as forums, in which correspondence by Members, non-Members, third-party content providers and/or TaxTalent is viewable by anyone visiting the Website. 

To the extent that you choose to participate in these features of the Website, you will be permitted to participate without revealing personal information about yourself to us (aside from information that you disclose when becoming a member) or to anyone else interacting with the site. 

If you choose to tell people about yourself, however (e.g., by discussing your education and career interests in the Career Forum), you have disclosed that information at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for such disclosures.

Updates on Site Services
If you are a Member (or a site user that provides us with an email address) we may provide you the opportunity to opt-in to receive email notification of new site services. If you are a Member and you choose to receive these types of communications at the time of registration, but later decide you no longer want to receive them, you can simply access the 'Change Info' page located at the footer of any Member level page.

Members, and site users who have provided us with resume profile information, may also receive Job Alert emails of job opportunities that match their pre-selected job criteria (job preferences, skills and experiences and education).

Updating Personal Information
Members can always access their personal information. Members can update/edit their resume information by going to the Post/Edit Resume located on the left navigation bar on any Member page. 

Members can update/change any of their Member Sign Up Information (name, email address, password, contact phone number, current title and any other information provided) by using the "Change Info" link located at the footer of any Member page.

Cookies and Tracking
We use cookies to store and track information about site visitors. Cookies are small files sent by our server that your Web browser places on your computer's hard drive. Cookies allow us to deliver content specific to your interests and save your password so you don't have to re-enter it for each visit to the site.

Cookies do not identify site users, just a user's computer, and are used on many websites. You have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies. However, doing this will hinder performance and negatively impact your experience on our site. We do not authorize other parties to collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time or across web sites as a result of your use of this site.

Aggregate Data About TaxTalent Visitors
We gather information about our users collectively, such as what areas users visit and what services users access the most. We only use such data in the aggregate. This information helps us determine what is most beneficial for our users, and how we can continually create a better overall experience for our users. We may share this information with our partners, but only in the aggregate, so that they too may understand how our users, collectively, use career areas and our site, to create a better overall experience for you, as well.

Site Security
It is, of course, impossible to guarantee that site security will never be compromised. However, our commitment is to undertake our best efforts in the spheres of electronic and physical technology and managerial procedures to maintain total site security.

When placing a credit card order online at TaxTalent, your credit card information is protected through the use of our GoDaddy Merchant Account. The credit card information you supply is encrypted and screened for fraud. If any other user intercepts the communication he/she will only be able to see it in an encrypted (garbled) form. Certificate technology allows us to decrypt the information, and view it in plain text form.

“When placing a credit card order online at TaxTalent, your credit card information is processed through the use of a third party provider under a Merchant Account we  maintain with such provider.  We will take reasonable steps to ensure that such third party processor handles your credit card information in accordance with applicable privacy laws and credit card association rules.”

TaxTalent.com never knowingly collects information from children 18 years of age and younger.

Privacy Commitment Changes
We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will post such changes here – along with the updated effective date for our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to regularly visit this page in order to ensure that you are aware of the current version of Privacy Policy that is in force.  

If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about TaxTalent.com's Privacy Policy, please feel free to email us or call 843-216-7444 and speak to one of our representatives.

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