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Wednesday with Avrom – Lasting impressions….

NEW Post In Avrom’s lesson for this week, he teaches us that first impressions are critical to success and it’s important to keep in mind not necessarily what you say but how you present yourself.

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Hang in there...

NEW Post Tax professionals all over the US are starting off a fresh new year with full plates and impending concerns.

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Wednesday with Avrom – Wait for it….

Check out part 10 of Wednesday with Avrom.

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Wednesday with Avrom – Shades of Gray….

Today’s lesson from Avrom teaches us to scrutinize all the gray areas we come across in our professional and personal lives.

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Wednesday with Avrom – Is laughter really the best medicine?

You know what they say about assumptions… Avrom’s lesson today reminds us to always challenge the status quo and not accept everything as it seems.

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Tax Diversity Standards Of Tomorrow

As companies are scrutinized by ESG standards, there are unique factors in tax that will cause tension for companies as they struggle to meet a specific area regarding the social element of ESG.

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Wednesday with Avrom – Where are you?

If there is one thing we have learned from Avrom’s stories so far, it is certainly to live in the moment.

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Impending Labor Shortage - The Underlying Conditions Affecting Your Tax Function

My latest article discusses the underlying conditions of tax's potential labor shortage.

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Wednesday with Avrom - Avuncular

Part 6 of Wednesday with Avrom brings us another valuable lesson and how to treat our own tricky situations.

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Wednesday with Avrom - 13 Cents

Read this week's Wednesday with Avrom to learn how Avrom makes every moment count and use this holiday week to reflect on how you operate "in the moment.

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Wednesday with Avrom- Checkmate!

In Part 4 of Wednesday with Avrom, not only do we learn a new Yhiddish word for “street-smarts,” but we also learn how to use those smarts in various situations.

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Drawing the Line - Needs VS. Wants

In the current COVID hiring climate, Tyler Simpson’s latest article addresses the importance of hiring authorities drawing a hard line between the company’s needs versus wants in the job description.

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Wednesday with Avrom – No longer in Brooklyn!

Jared’s third post shares a story where Avrom brings us back to the metaphorical schoolyard to remind us to always consider our own best interests, but to do so with class and integrity.

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Wednesday with Avrom – How do you make it?

Jared Dunkin is back again with a new Wednesday with Avrom to share where we learn how Avrom demonstrates good judgment.

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A treat for you - Wednesday with Avrom - Fulfillment

Jared Dunkin shares a couple of Avrom's stories on fulfillment and the importance of acknowledging the treasures around you, and acting on them.

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Exclusive for TT Members Only - Introduction to Wednesday with Avrom

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be sharing ONLY with TaxTalent members, a series that one of our Virtual Tax Club advisory board members has been organizing on LinkedIn.

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Buyer Beware - Outsourcing Update October 2020

Outsourcing is nothing new but is being precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic and rapidly shifting technology demands.

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Featured Job - Senior Tax Accountant at Mohawk Industries

If you are looking for a great place to build on your tax accounting foundation and develop your career, this opportunity could be the one for you.

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The Hidden Challenges of Remote Work for Tax Departments - Managing Talent at a Distance

In a time where we are impacted by major factors such as the demographic exodus, statutory and regulatory changes, political uncertainty, and a cost containment push by leadership, we will soon encounter additional complications in two areas.

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