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TaxNotes: Effective Leadership in an Evolving Tax Climate, Part I

Challenges lie ahead for tax leaders with the increased transparency pressure and public scrutiny. In this latest installment of Tax Pulse, Tony Santiago, founder and president of TaxSearch Inc., has an in-depth interview with Tim McDonald, retired vice president of global tax at Procter & Gamble, on how young tax leaders should build, develop, and retain their teams. Read now to discover how you can leverage your strengths to bring your business to the next level.

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TaxNotes: Addressing the Upcoming Tax Leadership Shortfall

Tony Santiago, President of TaxSearch, predicts, “we will soon be faced with the largest changing of the guard in the history of U.S. corporate tax.” In this installment, he provides guidance on navigating the generational tax leadership turnover with realistic strategies focusing on communication, development, compensation, and flexibility.

TaxNotes_Addressing the Upcoming Tax Leadership Shortfall.pdf

TaxNotes: Prepare for the Biggest Tax Leadership Turnover Ever

Hoping to retain or recruit tax professionals in 2023? The high-demand, low-supply talent squeeze is about to get even worse. TaxSearch Inc. President Tony Santiago predicts that more than two-thirds of all baby boomer (1946-1964) heads of tax and second in command will depart from full-time work in the next four years, taking a massive amount of knowledge with them. Click here for Santiago’s insights into these impending boomer retirements, as well as the likely impacts on the supply, demand, and development of the remaining Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z talent. Start the new year prepared with the latest installment of “Tax Pulse,” a Tax Notes series.

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TaxNotes: How an EY Split-Off Could Affect the U.S. Tax Profession

In this installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago analyzes EY’s plan to split its audit and consulting functions into two separate entities and examines how the split-off may affect the flow of talent in the U.S. tax profession.

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TaxNotes: Top Seven Reasons a Future Tax Leader Should Work in the Office

In this installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago argues that in-person work for tax professionals is preferable to remote work in terms of both work environment and potential for growth.

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TaxNotes: Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 — Part V

In the latest edition of "Tax Pulse" TaxTalent's President and founder Tony Santiago examines factors that have contributed to the trend of title and salary inflation in the U.S. tax market.

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TaxNotes: Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 — Part IV

In this installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago analyzes the future of remote and hybrid workers, two increasingly common phenomena with often overlooked shortcomings and unexpected upsides.

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TaxNotes:Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 — Part III

In this installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago examines the considerable challenges that environmental, social, and governance guidelines add to an already constrained pipeline.

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TaxNotes: Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 — Part II

In this installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago looks at the major factors affecting the hiring and retention of tax professionals over the next year.

TaxNotes Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 May.pdf

TaxNotes: Tax Hiring Outlook 2022

In this inaugural installment of Tax Pulse, Santiago reviews five key factors that influence the hiring and retention of U.S. tax professionals. This is the first of a five-part monthly series.

TaxNotes Tax Hiring Outlook 2022 March.pdf

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