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TaxTalent's online career portal helps tax professionals optimize their careers, while helping leading companies optimize their tax departments. Here are some of our latest Thought Leadership articles:

TaxNotes: Evaluating Critical Remote Arrangements In Corporate Tax Departments

Exciting news! In the latest Tax Notes article, President Tony Santiago of TaxSearch Inc. highlights the challenges of remote work in the tax industry. The pandemic has spurred a massive shift to remote work, with a significant rise in Americans working from home exclusively. Open communication and clear expectations are vital for success in remote work. Honest discussions about relocation, office needs, and long-term plans are crucial for both the tax department and critical hires. It's essential for companies to promptly address any issues and communicate updates or changes in work schedules to maintain effective leadership and foster candid conversations. Let's embrace the opportunities and challenges of remote work in the tax industry, adapting and thriving in this dynamic environment.

Taxnotes- Remote Implications Final.pdf

Navigating the Changing World of Tax Leadership - TaxNotes

A Paradigm Shift in US Tax Leadership The US tax landscape is undergoing a historic transformation. We are witnessing a seismic demographic shift with Baby Boomers retiring, Gen X stepping up to the plate, and Millennials emerging on the leadership board. This transition poses unique challenges and opens doors to innovative solutions in the realm of US tax leadership. Explore: - 2023 largest number of retirements for Baby Boomer Heads of Tax (Huge Jump from 2022 to 2023). - For the first time in history, Gen X is in charge! Curious to learn more? Click here to read Tony Santiago’s latest installment in Tax Notes and stay at the forefront of the tax leadership evolution

Navigating the Changing World of Tax Leadership January.pdf

Navigating CFO Turnover: Strategic Steps for Tax Leaders - TaxNotes

In this Tax Pulse article, TaxSearch Inc.'s Managing Director, Adam Golden, explores the pivotal role of tax leaders during CFO turnover. Examining cross-functional relationships, C-level advocacy, advisory connections, and branding, Golden advocates a proactive approach to secure ongoing success for the tax function. Amid increasing CFO turnover, tax leaders, by adopting a forward-looking stance, position themselves as strategic shapers, not merely responders to change. The article delivers actionable insights for tax leaders, emphasizing the lasting importance of preparation and strategic investment in navigating shifts in the finance landscape.


Set the Tone: Tax Leadership’s Role In Supporting Diversity and Inclusion - TaxNotes

The Impact of Tax Leadership in Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Tony Santiago’s latest article with TaxNotes is a compelling discussion on the crucial role of tax leaders in enhancing diversity and inclusion within organizations. In an era where diversity is more than a compliance checklist, it’s crucial to recognize the transformative role tax leaders play. We had the privilege of conversing with tax professionals Sonia Hollies from Perrigo Company plc, Paul Yong at Sempre Energy, and Domingo Garcia from Aon plc, who shared their valuable perspectives and strategies. 1. Active Leadership: Beyond assembling diverse teams, leaders must actively foster inclusivity. 2. Overcoming Segregation: Encouraging team interactions and bonds is essential for leveraging diversity. 3. Building Connections: Understanding and appreciating diverse backgrounds lead to stronger teams. 4. Business Benefits: Diversity not only benefits team dynamics but also drives innovation and customer relations.


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2023 Tax Hiring Outlook

The 13th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook contains data from the only in-house tax hiring survey of its kind, providing the tax industry with real hiring and retention data straight from top tax! As the tax industry navigates uncertainty left and right, the data we uncovered didn’t necessarily put our minds at ease.

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14th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook!

Discover exciting insights within the 2024 Tax Hiring Outlook, showcasing intriguing differences between anticipated hiring trends among tax leaders and our own projections for the year ahead.

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Tax Hiring Outlook

2024 GTMA Webinar Recording Available Now!

RECORDING AVAILABLE! If you missed our discussion or want to educate your tax, HR, and financial leadership on key areas that will impact the tax market in 2024, you can access it here.

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2023 Tax Hiring Outlook Webinar

If you missed last week’s webinar surrounding the 2023 Tax Hiring Outlook, it’s not too late to get the information you need to educate and influence important hiring decisions in your tax department.

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tax hiring outlook

2023 Tax Hiring Outlook Webinar Coming Soon!

DID YOU KNOW that over a third of tax departments have lost at least one employee due to competition offering full-time remote roles? Survey results from this year’s Tax Hiring Outlook (https://bit.

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THO, Tax Hiring Outlook, Webinar

TaxTalent’s 13th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook is now available!

Our 13th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook is now available! This report contains data from the only in-house tax hiring survey of its kind, providing the tax industry with real hiring and retention data straight from top tax! As the tax industry navigates uncertainty left and right, the data we uncovered didn’t necessarily put our minds at ease.

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Tax Hiring Outlook, THO

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